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Our Story

In the early 80's, Peter Reid, a native Nova Scotian, discovered a passion for landscaping that surpassed his chosen path of engineering. This led him to establish MacKinnon Reid & Associates in 1984, in partnership with Scott MacKinnon, a family friend.  Their original focus was simply to install interlocking brick.  Along the way, satisfied customers began asking them to provide more complex designs.  In 1994, Ralph Ramsey joined the team.  As a skilled designer, with a bachelor degree in horticulture, he helped the company differentiate itself from the competition by providing designs that married the structural elements of the stone with the colour and softness of the plant life.  MacKinnon Reid quickly became experts at creating designs that offered a harmonious balance of colour, texture, scale & theme, while taking advantage of the latest in landscaping materials that were becoming increasingly available in the market to satisfy the booming demand.

Fast forward 25 years and we are extremely proud to be able to say that we have designed and implemented over 1000 residential properties and have become well known for the creativity and affordability of our designs, the quality of our work, our knowledgeable staff and the high level of professionalism that comes from being a well-established company.

Lastly, reflection on our journey has given us clarity as to our real mission, which we believe is to transform space to make it more appealing, more functional and more valuable. This is what we feel is the hidden reality behind what our customers are really looking for and this is what we aim to give them in every project.  If we haven't had the pleasure of working with you, we invite you to contact us so that we can start your transformation project.