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Over the years, we have been asked to stay involved with the properties that we've worked so hard to create in order to ensure that the customer's investment is well maintained and that their property is ready for enjoyment when the chance to break away from busy life presents itself.

We would love to meet with you to create a customized maintenance schedule for your property to fit your garden's needs as well as your budget's needs.

Here are some of the Specialty Gardening Services we most commonly provide:

·         Shrub and tree pruning
·         Hedge trimming
·         Design and planting of bulbs and annuals
·         Seasonal garden décor (clay pots, planters, etc.)
·         Winterization of garden beds
·         Garden bed edging
·         Garden soil amendments (compost, fertilizers, mulch, etc.)
·         Spring & fall clean-ups
·         Garden consultations