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We offer professional landscaping plans designed to suit the specific wants and needs of the client they are produced for.  Our detailed designs are produced using an industry-leading CAD based software called DynaSCAPE.  It helps our designers illustrate all the elements of your project to better enable you to envision the final result.  You may or may not have an idea of what features you'd like to be included in your design, so we work with you to figure out what these elements are.  These and  and many other considerations are brought together in a well thought out and balanced plan.  Our initial considerations include the use of space, traffic flow, and drainage patterns.

Additional considerations we apply to your design include:

Hardscaping - All constructed elements such as walkways, steps, landings, patios and walls are hardscape elements. They provide the structural andfunctional elements of the yard.  Two of our major considerations here are the material colours and textures, and the right balance offlat surfaces and elevated structures.

Softscaping - All plant life, such as Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Soil are the softscape elements.  In balance with the hardscape, they serve to mutethe harshness of the stones and add life to the space.  Much of the time spent on a design is in choosing the plant material.  Everyplant on a plan has been picked to meet the needs of that particular spot.  First it must have the right environment (light, moisture, andsoil conditions), and it must be the right size and shape for the spot when it reaches it's full mature size.  If that wasn't enough to thinkabout, it also must fit the colour scheme of the planting plan as well as offer a good contrast of colour and texture in relation to theother plants around it.

Focal Points - Adding a focal point can tie in the different features of your design and provide a pleasing feel to your outdoor enjoyment.  Examples offocal points include water features such as fountains and ponds, or a showy garden in the middle of an interlock driveway.

Lightscaping - Landscape lighting is an important element of a design that many overlook.  Lighting can be as simple as lighting a walkway to make itsafe at night, or it can function aesthetically, creating the perfect setting for sitting out with a glass of wine on a warm summer nightwith some of your friends or family.